Locksmith Melville NY

  • Automotive Locksmith Melville


    Our experts have helped thousands of customers in Melville, NY and other cities with automotive lock issues. This includes lockout assistance, key extraction, lock repairs and more. Locksmith Melville will meet you on-site at any location in Melville or the New York metropolitan area.

  • Commercial Locksmith Melville


    MWe can help your business with any security solution it may need. This could be security system installation, exit hardware, access control (magnetic card entry, buzzer systems), safe installation, and more.

  • Residential Locksmith Melville


    Home security should be your first priority. You should make sure your locks are high-quality and completely reliable. Our professional locksmiths have helped secure hundreds of homes. Each member of our team has years of experience and can help you with any residential locksmith issues. This includes lockouts, lock rekeying, new lock installation, and security systems.

Complete Locksmith Service in Melville, NY and all of Suffolk County

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Locksmith Melville NY is here to help you unlock whatever obstacle is in your way. Whether it’s a residential, automotive or commercial lock, we have a team of skilled, fully insured and licensed technicians on stand by at all times to help you access what is rightfully yours We hire only the finest locksmiths in the New York and we cover the entirety of Melville and entire NY metro area. We can be reached at (631) 460 5007. If you have any inquiries or need emergency assistance, feel free to call us and we’ll help you out. We don’t just fix locks, we also


  • Replace stolen or lost keys
  • Perform maintenance, installation and sale of high-security locks
  • Program Transponder Computer Chip Keys
  • Open jammed locks and extract broken keys
  • Help you gain entry without damage to the door or property
  • Create customized security solutions for you
  • Offer friendly advice


and much more. The moment when you realize that you can’t find your keys is rightfully scary and can leave you reeling for quite some time. After looking for them all over the place, the feeling of dread escalates until you finally come to the conclusion they are nowhere to be found. In the best case scenario, you simply misplaced them somewhere. However, what if you’ve lost them in the public and someone found them? Can you sleep peacefully at night knowing that someone might be having free access to your property? We know that feeling. You shouldn’t endure it for a moment longer. As soon as such a situation happens, give us a call, we will arrive shortly and rekey the lock promptly, giving you a new set of keys. Melville Locksmith is dedicated to giving you the feeling of security all day, every day. If you suspect your safety has been compromised, do not hesitate to give us a call, because by the time your suspicions are confirmed, it may be too late. Never taking risks is a wise choice, especially when it comes to your well-being and safety. That’s why you should always think ahead and prevent catastrophes, instead of managing them once they happen. We at Locksmith Melville are your reliable partners in making your home, car and commercial property safe. Don’t allow yourself to live in uncertainty for one moment longer. Now you too can feel safe, if you just contact us now at(631) 460 5007.